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Lovely leftovers, currytastic style

I’ve always had a certain love for leftovers. Cold pizza is a favourite, for breakfast preferably, when the texture of the previously melted and now regrouped cheese offers a very particular if slightly peculiar comfort. This weekend I discovered another surprisingly moreish leftover breakfast dish, when we wrapped some juicy, just-cooked Superquinn sausages into reheated roti bread, cushioned them into place with some cold dahl and moistened the lot with raita. Not bloody bad! Of course, the hangover was probably a crucial ingredient, perhaps even more so than with cold pizza (which I would eat almost any morning). But on Monday night I did even better work on the leftovers from Saturday’s currytastic dinner party. I had a generous portion left of my take on Rick Stein’s Madras fish curry. Below is my version… Read the rest of this entry

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