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Lovely leftovers, currytastic style

I’ve always had a certain love for leftovers. Cold pizza is a favourite, for breakfast preferably, when the texture of the previously melted and now regrouped cheese offers a very particular if slightly peculiar comfort. This weekend I discovered another surprisingly moreish leftover breakfast dish, when we wrapped some juicy, just-cooked Superquinn sausages into reheated roti bread, cushioned them into place with some cold dahl and moistened the lot with raita. Not bloody bad! Of course, the hangover was probably a crucial ingredient, perhaps even more so than with cold pizza (which I would eat almost any morning). But on Monday night I did even better work on the leftovers from Saturday’s currytastic dinner party. I had a generous portion left of my take on Rick Stein’s Madras fish curry. Below is my version… Read the rest of this entry

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Day Ten (or, the craic with coconuts)

We had been in the Asian Market to pick up some last-minute ingredients for Friday’s feast of green papaya salad with griddled poussin; stir-fried mussels with chilli jam and Thai basil; stir-fried beef with cumin, onions and chillies; green curry of halibut with pea aubergines; and southern grilled prawn curry. It turns out that Thursday is the day the delivery arrives from Thailand, and so the best day to pick up fresh produce. Read the rest of this entry

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