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A La Mesa: cutting edge cooking at the Spanish table

The Spanish are a terribly stylish bunch. Not only do they like to take lunch breaks that last several hours and involve a leisurely nap, eat dinner at 10pm and go out dancing at 3am, but they have also redefined the global gastronomic landscape in the last decade, making their French and Italian neighbours look like stuck-in-the-muds and lazy-bones respectively.

Ferran Adria of El Bulli fame led the way in this new approach to the business of eating, so it’s only right that his influence is strongly felt in a new exhibition celebrating the Spanish relationship between food and design, currently running in Dublin’s Cervantes Instituto. (As well as the main exhibit which is free, and open until late January, the Institute are hosting an exciting series of free talks, seminars and screenings.) Read the rest of this entry

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Happy Dia de la Hispanidad

Did you know that yesterday was Fiesta Nacional de Espana, originally celebrated as Dia de la Hispanidad to mark the landing of Columbus in the Americas on 12th October 1492, and declared a national holiday by the Spanish king back in the ’80s? Okay, we’re talking a celebration of the biggest landmark day in the history of colonialism, which may or may not be something you’re queuing up to tip your cap to. But what is worth celebrating is the wonderful way Spanish and Hispanic peoples approach the humbler things in life. Like bread and garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. Read the rest of this entry

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First, suck your suckling lamb’s ribs

“You must do it like this. Tear the little rib bones apart and then suck. If you don’t suck, you don’t enjoy. I don’t do it because I don’t want to get my hands dirty, but you must. Yes, like that.”

They take their food pretty seriously here in Castilla y Leon. And so they should too. That suckling lamb – at most, 20 days young and not yet old enough to feed on grass or anything other than its mother’s milk – is so juicily soft that you could eat it with a spoon and no teeth. Seriously. Read the rest of this entry

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