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Food memories, how are ye!

What’s your favourite food memory? Like the one that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and brings you right back to the child you once were? We were chatting about food memories last night ahead of this weekend’s Dingle Food Festival, at which I’m hosting a For Food’s Sake event on Sat & Sun avo… Read the rest of this entry

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A taste of the Midlands at Viewmount House

Last weekend myself and a couple of friends escaped to guilt-free Longford. Yes, Longford. Or Viewmount House just outside Longford town, to be exact. We had no idea if there were great things to discover on our doorstep and didn’t really care to find out. We were quite happy to make Viewmount House’s reception rooms, suites, restaurant and gorgeous gardens the extent of our world for our short stay there. Read the rest of this entry

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Fermanagh is Forever (not just for Diamond Jubilees)

The Queen was in Enniskillen yesterday, doing her smiling, nodding thing as consummately as we have come to expect of her. She didn’t get to hang about for too long, which is a shame because there’s lots of great eating and drinking to be done in the area, not to mention sightseeing and outdoorsy activities. Read the rest of this entry

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For Food’s Sake hooks up with Inishfood


FOR FOOD’S SAKE & INISHFOOD ask: What is the future for Irish fish?

2.30pm, Saturday 19 May, 2012

Harry’s Bar & Restaurant, Bridgend, Inishowen, Co Donegal Read the rest of this entry

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Waterford Food Festival

We’re well and truly into food festival season. There’s a dizzying array of dates for your diary coming up, a list of which you’ll find at Discover Ireland’s food pages and details of which I’ll be keeping you posted on here in coming weeks.

But if my recent reports from Waterford’s less discovered corners whet your appetite for the charms of the sunny south east, this coming weekend is the time to dive in for yourself. Dungarvan plays host the Waterford Festival of Food (April 12–15), now one of the strongest food festivals in a busy calender. Read the rest of this entry

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Galway Food Festival calling

Listen. What’s that noise?

It’s Galway calling. I’ve been trying to ignore it for days, even weeks, but it won’t stop at me.

The city that’s really a village (in the same way that Dublin’s really a town) is throwing another party this weekend you see. And like all great parties – something this village-city knows a thing or two about – the best action is going to be in the kitchen.

They’re calling this party a food festival, or ‘Galway Food Festival’ to be precise, but of course a party is a party by any other name. Especially when you’ve the likes of Mr Whippy Soundsystem whipping up a soundtrack for the Feast on a Street in Crane Square on Easter Monday afternoon (with roast pig-on-a-spit from Kai & Cava, and a potato-carrying competition to boot). Read the rest of this entry

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Day Four of Irish Food Trip: the last supper(s)

It’s not what you put on the plate but what you leave off it that counts. So said chef Paul Flynn to the five bright young things of the Irish restaurant industry who were watching him prepare the foundation for what was going to be a tasting menu of one-pot cooking (see here for details of the meal itself). Paul was quoting a conversation with a Michelin inspector, which may or may not have taken place while Paul was head chef at London’s Michelin-starred Chez Nico and Nico at Ninety early in his own career. Read the rest of this entry

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Day Three of Irish Food Trip: a shore thing

By the time I awoke to sunlight streaming into my beautiful bedroom above The Tannery Cookery School on Wednesday morning, it felt like myself and the five Euro-toques Young Chef finalists I was travelling with had been away for weeks rather than days… Since hitting the road on Sunday, we had met all sorts of great Irish producers, from butchers, bakers and brewers to farmers, cheesemakers and ice-cream producers. Now it was time to meet some of the people who work with Ireland’s world-class fish and shellfish. Read the rest of this entry

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Day One of Irish Food Trip: the sun and the moon

Yesterday had a cyclical feel to it, a sun and the moon of a day. It was focussed on a great sweeping meander in and around Waterford city – but it always came back to the food. Which is quite right for Day One of my Irish Food Trip in the company of five of the country’s best young Euro-toques chefs and Caoimhe Ni Dhuibhinn from Failte Ireland.

After a light breakfast in Waterford Castle’s beautiful consevatory with the sun striping in through the wrought iron windows (when I say light breakfast, I mean a mini-croissant filled with sweet ham and artisan cheese) we headed out with the hotel’s head chef Michael Quinn to meet some local food legends.

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Irish Foods Worth Travelling For

Five Foods Worth Travelling The Country In Pursuit Of (or, Why I’m Going On Tour Next Week, And Where)

It’s not often you get to pack your wellies and your favourite high heels for the same trip. But tomorrow’s road trip is no ordinary road trip, taking in everything from farm and fishery visits to some of Ireland’s finest dining in the likes of Kilkenny’s Campagne and Dungarvan’s The Tannery. I’m packing my Berocca too, cos I’ll need all my energy for the busy itinerary lined up which involves three and a half action packed days around Waterford and Kilkenny. I’m packing my laptop so I can blog daily about the visits to bakeries and breweries, meetings with fishermen and cheesemakers, tastings of Ireland’s first caviar and one of it’s few PGI status foods, not to mention the likes of a Nose to Tail masterclass with Michael Quinn of Waterford Castle. And I’m bringing my pen and notebook, dictaphone and camera so I can log all the insights into everything from the growing production of oysters and conservation of lobsters to the History of Food in Ireland’s South East. I’ve even downloaded Instagram to my trusty iPhone4 so I can pretty up all my amateur photography and share it with anyone who fancies following the Twitteraction on #IrishFoodTrip. Read the rest of this entry

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