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Happy New Year!

Last Monday I was busy up in Sandyford’s China Sichuan helping celebrate the start of the auspicious Year of the Dragon, a year last night’s waiter explained is associated with luck granted or received from external sources. Read the rest of this entry

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New Year, old haunt

I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions. It’s too easy to get carried away with enthusiasm for the new you from the comfort of the right side of a champagne bottle, too tempting to make promises that will only serve to make you feel guilty when you lack the energy to see them through. Read the rest of this entry

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My Christmas 2011 food highlights

Good food’s not just for Christmas you know. With this in mind, I thought I’d share my fond reminiscences of some of the highlights of a quite delicious fortnight. You might like to seek out some of the flavours herein. Bloody good they were too… Read the rest of this entry

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EVENT: Game Menu at Knockranny House Hotel

WHAT? A celebration of seasonal game at Westport’s Knockranny House Hotel, including a game cookery demo and tutored wine tasting and culminating in an eight-course tasting menu featuring the likes of partridge, rabbit, teal and venison.

WHEN? Saturday 18 November 2011

WHERE? La Fougère restaurant, Knockranny House Hotel, Westport, Co Mayo Read the rest of this entry

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Happy Dia de la Hispanidad

Did you know that yesterday was Fiesta Nacional de Espana, originally celebrated as Dia de la Hispanidad to mark the landing of Columbus in the Americas on 12th October 1492, and declared a national holiday by the Spanish king back in the ’80s? Okay, we’re talking a celebration of the biggest landmark day in the history of colonialism, which may or may not be something you’re queuing up to tip your cap to. But what is worth celebrating is the wonderful way Spanish and Hispanic peoples approach the humbler things in life. Like bread and garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. Read the rest of this entry

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Wanna Masterchef your inner chef?

Poor old Gary in the Shelbourne. If you’ve also been following Masterchef on RTE, you’ll know exactly who I mean. Though you may feel less disposed to calling him ‘poor old Gary’.

In case you missed it, the latest hoops through which the ever-diminishing clutch of contestants in Ireland’s Masterchef have had to jump involved producing an intricate afternoon tea for an exacting gathering of guests. Gary Hughes, head chef at this Dublin institution, was charged with the challenge of keeping the contestants on track whilst upholding the standards demanded in such a five-star establishment. Read the rest of this entry

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The merits of staff tea

It looked rather appetising on the pass, glistening under the bright lights in its generous wide tray. A crispy golden topping, nicely scored and with the promise of something wholesome – moist mince and vegetables perhaps – hidden beneath those … Read the rest of this entry

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Free dinner anyone?

What would you do for a free dinner? What if that was dinner for two, every month, for a full year? Would you sell your body? Well no, don’t be ridiculous. Read the rest of this entry

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Can I have a side of surrealism with that?

I’ve had a few in my time: surreal dinner services, that is.

There was the summer evening shift in a Stanley Street Italian restaurant in Sydney city centre when I turned my back to refill a bread basket and returned to find every table vacated and every diner open-jawed at the open windows. I joined them to discover why: hail stones the size of swollen kiwi fruit were bouncing from sky to street via pillar and post. Read the rest of this entry

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EVENT: Unique to Dublin promotion

WHAT? A celebration of Dublin’s heavily encroached but nonetheless tenacious collection of independent shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, salons and boutiques.

WHEN? 1st–3rd July

WHERE? At various locations throughout the city – look out for the Unique to Dublin window sticker or search the website for what you’re looking for. Read the rest of this entry

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