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Two Quinoa salads

Like most grains, quinoa doesn’t taste of very much, but is a good vehicle for whatever other flavours you care to pair it with. But it also turns out that quinoa is not actually a grain, as in it is not a cereal belonging to the grass family, but rather is a relative of the leafy spinach and beet family of chenopods. And not only is quinoa a great source of protein, but it contains a full set of essential amino acids (making it ‘complete protein’)… Read the rest of this entry

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A Rare Birra Bechamel

Are you a recipe person? Or do you prefer to wing it with what’s hanging about in your fridge, or whatever looked good on the shelves, or whatever finds it’s way into your kitchen by any other means? Read the rest of this entry

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Blue sprouting pasta supper

Pasta supper, in eight easy steps and even less minutes. Read the rest of this entry

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Salad of butterbean, bulghur and greens

It’s a grey day, and so it called for a brightly coloured lunch: Butter beans and butter-coloured bulghur wheat, seasoned with bright yellow and nutty-flavoured Donegal Rapeseed Oil. Slivers of red onion and slices of sun-dried tomatoes, tossed in extra … Read the rest of this entry

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Shaking up a salad

Today was a long day so tonight I wanted something quick but satisfying and healthy too, cheering food rather than comfort food. A tin of Ortiz tuna brought as a dinner gift by a very clever guest* was winking at me from the countertop where it had been suggestively lingering all weekend. (Quick, ticked, and cheering too.) Some spuds from Jenny McNally’s north county Dublin organic farm went into the pot and some broccoli into the steamer on top while I rinsed Jenny’s peppery leaves and a handful of baby spinach. (Healthy, ticked.) Read the rest of this entry

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Tarted up tuna for supper

Tonight’s supper was:

* 1 tin of tuna (not Ortiz sadly, because the only place I know that sells it is the veg shop in the old Dundrum Shopping Centre, and I think the shop might have closed…)
* Shavings of red onion
* Shavings of fennel… Read the rest of this entry

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Because food’s worth sharing ideas about (or, squash salad lunch)

A gorgeous blowy sunny Saturday, duck pond frozen over again in Stephen’s Green, sun low in the sky casting crisp contrast of shade and blaze. Picked up some crusty white Bretzel bread from Fallon & Byrne and some Braeburn apples and went home to make the following cheery lunch, inspired by my sister’s recreations of a winter salad she ate at the Market Table in Manhattan:

1/4 roast butternut squash (from the fridge), peeled and sliced into bite size chunks Read the rest of this entry

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