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Do you cook?

I was chatting to someone the other night, and we got on to discussing what each of us worked at. He was in construction recruitment, he told me with a straight face, before adding that there’s a big demand overseas for our highly skilled Irish construction workers. He asked what I did so I explained I’m a journalist and I write mostly about food. Shortly after, he asked did I cook and I said I did. His party piece was potato gratin, he stated rather proudly. What was mine? Read the rest of this entry

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Have a spud-happy day

It’s National Potato Day today. What do you mean, you didn’t know we have a National Potato Day?

Well, anyway we do. And I’m glad of it.

The thing about spuds is, unless I’m cooking a certain kind of meal involving meat/fish and two veg, which is rare enough, I don’t necessarily have spuds in the cupboard. But I always have rice of various colours, pasta of various shapes, and noodles of various sizes, plus numerous other grains including cous cous, bulghur and quinoa. What chance has the humble spud against such a battery of carbs? Read the rest of this entry

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First, snap your asparagus

There’s nothing I can think of right this minute more satisfying than the snap of fresh asparagus as it’s being prepared for a quick steambath. There are a few reasons asparagus is such a treat: obviously taste is top of the list… but like the strawberries of my youth, part of aspargus’s allure is that its relatively short natural season means the arrival of a local bounty signals that summer is finally here. Read the rest of this entry

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