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Of gorse and wild garlic (Part II)

Though their simple beauty means they might need little more than a suitable salad to adorn, the subtle flavour of wild garlic (or Allium ursinum) makes it a versatile friend in the kitchen. Use it in warm salads or pastas, gnocchis or risottos in place of its more fiery sibling, the cultivated allium sativum. Its perfume lends a summer scent to soups for those cooler evenings – just remember to respect its delicacy in the cooking as in the harvesting, and handle it gently to preserve its promise. Read the rest of this entry

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Of gorse and wild garlic (Part I)

…from where I was standing today – on the south-westerly cliffs of Howth Head, drinking in the sweep of aqua hues that danced all the way from the dunes of Dollymount to the undulating hummocks of a sun-hazed Wicklow, and savouring the mingling summer scents of gorse and wild garlic – one thing was pretty clear to me. If it’s summer you’re after, you’d better go out and get it, cos this is it folks. Read the rest of this entry

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EVENT: The Supper Club Project

WHAT? Ten-course tasting menu Supper Club Project
WHO? John Wyer and Sandy Sabek will be cooking: he’s the ex-head chef at l’Ecrivain and currently one of the lead tutors at Dublin Cookery School; she’s the pastry chef at l’Ecrivain, currently on maternity leave. Yours truly will be moonlighting as a hostess!
CONTACT? Make an enquiry at Read the rest of this entry

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A day for the market

It’s the last Sunday of the month folks, which means it’s a day for the fabulous Flea Market at Newmarket Square in Dublin 8. If you’ve never been, today might be a good day to test the Flea waters – … Read the rest of this entry

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there’s a Crackbird taken up residence on Crane Lane in Dublin 2. Yes, that’s the shady side street off Dame Street (itself now a shadier place since the lights went out in The Mermaid Café and its lil’ sister Gruel).

But this Crackbird I speak of: the important thing is that she mightn’t be there for very long, maybe just a matter of weeks (12 to be exact) so if you want to check her out you’ll need to make it snappy. Read the rest of this entry

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Day Eleven (or, the thinking man’s chef)

Ever wondered why your home-cooked steak never tastes quite like one ordered in your favourite steak restaurant?

Or why your grannie’s trick for perfectly poached eggs doesn’t seem to work anymore?

Or how certain restaurants know how to cook your poultry to a perfect temperature without having to stab it with a knife to see if the juices run clear? Read the rest of this entry

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Lists of the day

It’s been a day for lists. For us list-lovers, that’s the one consolation about hanging up the party frocks and recalibrating our internal commuter clocks on the first day back to the annual grind. Getting to write lists is good healthy fun. It’s a chance to reckon upon all that’s been come and gone, and all there is to strive towards. To tally up, to grant good riddance to or tip the hat in respectful remembrance.

So here’s a couple more highly personal lists for the listful day that was in it. Read the rest of this entry

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