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Remembering David Tiernan

I’ve been working late tonight, filing my wine column copy before I head away for a break in the new year, listening to the melancholy sounds of Blue of the Night on Lyric, sipping a drop of Priorat wine and snacking on Glebe Brethan cheese with my boyfriend’s sister’s home-made green tomato chutney. The chutney tastes even better with the knowledge that it is one of just a few precious jars made from this year’s crop. But the cheese is particularly precious. Though still available in the likes of Sheridan’s, it won’t be for long. Its producer, the late, great cheesemaker David Tiernan, tragically passed away all too early this year… Below is what I wrote about Glebe Brethan 11 months before his untimely death for a St Patrick’s Day focus on winners of the Irish Food Writers’ Guild Food Awards 2012. It is followed by an edited version of what I wrote for Food & Wine Magazine after his death. Read the rest of this entry

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Have you checked out Ranelagh’s new ‘Bar & Kitchen’, formerly Russell’s and now reinvented as Taphouse? I have, and my review of it will run next Friday in the Indo’s Day & Night Magazine. (Tomorrow’s review features Forest Avenue, the new restaurant off Leeson Street which I bet you’re set to hear lots about if you haven’t already.) But in the meantime, there’s a little gathering tonight in Ranelagh’s Taphouse which might be of interest if you’re in the hood, and if you like the sound of free beer and cheese? The people from Knockdrinna Farmhouse Cheese in Kilkenny have put their heads together with the Little Milk Company and some of Ireland’s best craft brewers, and come up with a new cheese called ‘Brewer’s Gold’… Read the rest of this entry

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Shopping like it used to be!

Remember when – back in the days that airlines used to give you free booze – you could look forward to a good old-fashioned feed during your supermarket shop? Fridays were the best day for it, when you were almost guaranteed an aul cocktail sausage or two not to mention a cube of cheddar cheese. Never mind that you were seven years old and not yet in charge of the household purse strings. If you were really lucky you might get a taste of one of those hallucinogenically salty Findus pancakes that your ma wouldn’t dream of letting into her hallowed trolley. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old days, pop into Donnybrook Fair this coming Friday (13th – shh) for a good old-fashioned free feed… Read the rest of this entry

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Aoife’s Fantasy Festive Food & Wine Wishlist

It’s that time of year when everyone’s writing lists and checking them twice. My hairdresser has all her presents bought (well, 42 of them) and wrapped. I know: it’s not even December yet, for jeebus-jumpers sake! So, I’ve made a list too. My very own wishlist of what I would love to receive from family, friends or enemies looking to lure me into a false sense of security. I’ll admit that some of them are more realistic than others, but a girl can but dream. So, in no particular order, here follows my Fantasy Festive Food & Wine Wishlist (as it appeared in IMAGEdaily, only with links, and some pix in case my words don’t cut it for you)… Read the rest of this entry

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Guerilla Gourmet Club seasonal treats

I’m looking forward to this coming Friday’s Guerrilla Gourmet Club, described as a “one night only popup autumn harvest dinner”, when I’ll have some of the season’s best ingredients cooked in suitably elaborate style. The dinner takes place in the The Royal College of Surgeons at 7pm, Friday 15 November, when they will serve a menu created by Ross Golden-Bannon (my ex-editor, formerly of FOOD&WINE Magazine) and Temple Garner of San Lorenzo in Dublin’s Georges Street (formerly head chef at The Mermaid Café and head chef/founder of Town Bar and Grill). I love Temple’s cooking. It is full of big generous flavours and executed with subtle skill. Perfect for the generously flavoured ingredients of this time of year… Read the rest of this entry

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Free lunch from tomorrow’s top chefs, anyone?

Wanna win a sneak-preview taste of Ireland’s future?

Next Tuesday 30th October, five of Ireland’s hottest young chefs will compete in Stage 2 of the annual Euro-toques Young Chef of the Year competition. It’s a big deal for up-and-coming chefs (previous winners include a fellow called Neven Maguire, who you may have heard of since) and a cleverly run competition emphasising all the things core to Euro-toques values: creativity, authenticity, seasonality and a commitment to the celebration of local food producers. Read the rest of this entry

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For Food’s Sake, it’s a barbecue cook out!

We’re going slightly off-piste next weekend with the first of what will hopefully be a lorryload of For Food’s Sake cook-out events. Here’s the deal: next Saturday 11th August, we’re rolling several party-sized barbecues into Toner’s beer garden, rounding up some food producers along with samples of their barbecue-friendly products, and then inviting YOU and yours to join us between 3pm–7pm for a barbecue party. And the best bit? You get to supply and cook the food! Read the rest of this entry

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A taste of the Midlands at Viewmount House

Last weekend myself and a couple of friends escaped to guilt-free Longford. Yes, Longford. Or Viewmount House just outside Longford town, to be exact. We had no idea if there were great things to discover on our doorstep and didn’t really care to find out. We were quite happy to make Viewmount House’s reception rooms, suites, restaurant and gorgeous gardens the extent of our world for our short stay there. Read the rest of this entry

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Fermanagh is Forever (not just for Diamond Jubilees)

The Queen was in Enniskillen yesterday, doing her smiling, nodding thing as consummately as we have come to expect of her. She didn’t get to hang about for too long, which is a shame because there’s lots of great eating and drinking to be done in the area, not to mention sightseeing and outdoorsy activities. Read the rest of this entry

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Of curries and kiwis: two takes on a cucumber salad

Last Saturday I needed food to warm me up and set me right. As wrong as it might seem to be craving curry just two days after midsummer’s day, the rain and grey were putting heat into my mind. So I bought myself a shiny aubergine… Read the rest of this entry

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