The Blind Pig comes of age

Is it too soon to embrace the Christmas spirit? It can be hard to know. But if you’re looking for an excuse to get the season started, The Blind Pig have thought of two. Of a Tuesday! Yes, that’s this Tuesday 4th December. Too soon?

Too soon Tuesday?

The organisers of this sassy Speakeasy night, which is run on random dates in an unannounced Dublin venue, are celebrating two important dates. Once guests penetrate the considerable mystery shrouding the night (email to book; arrive at a designated street corner at a designated hour, call a number, wait for the nod and follow someone down a side alley) they will be greeted with a glass of classic 1920s punch, on the house by way of celebrating The Blind Pig’s first birthday (born 4th December 2011). And anyone who stays until midnight will enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbles to toast the anniversary of Repeal Day, when Prohibition was finally revoked (5th December 1933).

Paul Lambert and cohorts at work (and play)

Be warned though – to last out until midnight you’ll have to abide by the house rules stipulated by mixologist Paul Lambert and the Blind Pig crew. These include restraining from ordering a dirty martini (“we won’t ruin our spirits with salty water”), a Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada (“our response might offend you”) or a Red Bull (“we don’t stock energy drinks!!!!!!!”). They really really mean that last one – but I get the impression they’re pretty serious about all their house rules.

But forget about what they won’t serve you. What they will serve you is far more impressive. Because these guys are also really really serious about their prohibition-era cocktails.

When’s the last time you tasted a New York Sour (featuring Woodford Reserve, lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white & a splash of red wine)? Or a Ward 8 (Bourbon, orange juice, lemon juice & pomegranate syrup)? Or a MayFlower (Plymouth gin, apricot liqueur, fresh lemon & pressed apple juice)?


So, maybe tonight’s as good a night as any to embrace the seasonal midweek drinking, don the glad rags and down a well-crafted cocktail or four.

But if you really really must insist on holding out a little longer, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be more Blind Pig fun happening in the new year – including plans for regular tutored tastings of some of their featured spirits (including their house gin, Hayman’s, from London’s oldest gin distilling family).

If you wanna know when the next random date is coming up, keep an eye on I certainly will be.


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