For Food’s Sake, it’s a barbecue cook out!

We’re going slightly off-piste next weekend with the first of what will hopefully be a lorryload of For Food’s Sake cook-out events. If you’re familiar with what we’ve been doing at For Food’s Sake, you’ll know we started off with a year of regular bi-monthly food discussion nights in The Sugar Club last year, dotted with a couple of foodie movie nights where we cooked up food inspired by the films we were showing.

This year we’ve been mixing it up a bit and we’ve taken For Food’s Sake events over to the Science Gallery for the Edible exhibition, and up to Donegal for the Inishfood festival. Now we’re off to the pub for some grub.

The pub? Toner’s on Lower Baggot Street (, who have the hugest, weirdest beer garden we know of, complete with an enormous sheltered room with a TV and a roof but only three walls. There’s also lots of no-roof action going on should the sun come out to play, so all in all it’s perfect for our mixed-up rain-sun-rain-sun days.

And the grub? Well, that’s up to you.

Here’s the deal: next Saturday 11th August, we’re rolling several party-sized barbecues into said beer garden, rounding up some food producers along with samples of their barbecue-friendly products, and then inviting YOU and yours to join us between 3pm–7pm for a barbecue party. And the best bit? You get to supply and cook the food!

It’s up to you what you cook. You could bring the simplest home-made burgers or the most elaborate marinated fish dish. Sweetcorn or hotdogs, salads or salsas… dinner for one, or a taster for all. We’re just supplying the set-up: it’s up to you what you make of it. Think Street Feast with cooking facilities and one of Dublin’s best bars on tap, or think urban picnic with lots of lovely randomers – but just please think of joining us.

On the day itself we’ll lay on cooking utensils and disposable cutlery, paper plates and napkins, an area to keep your food chilled before it’s cooked and some games for your kids if you have any and want to bring them too.

In the meantime, Twitterati should keep an eye on #FFS_BBQ for inspiration of what you might bring along, and links to great articles such as this one in The Guardian discussing the science behind marinating meats. We’d love to hear from you on Twitter or on our For Food’s Sake Facebook page.

For now, I’ll leave you with this marinade recipe courtesy of my mate’s dad who picked it up on his travels in Thailand and India in the 70s & 80s:

  • Ginger – a thumb
  • Spring onion – 3 chopped
  • Chilli- 2 chopped
  • Garlic – 3 smashed
  • Mustard – 1 spoon
  • Wine – 1 glass
  • Soy – 1 glass
  • Fish sauce – 1 teaspoon
  • Brown sugar – 2 tablespoons
Baste such as prawns, chicken or ribs; cook for 3/4 distance in a hot oven; place on 700 degree BBQ to finish; replace into cooling sauce ( Ieftover from oven); serve!
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