Making it Mexican styley

Mexican food is, like, so hot right now. (Boom boom!)

Seriously though, we can’t seem to get enough of it, and are busy stuffing our chops with everything from beefy burritos to tasty tostadas to zinging ceviche, and washing it all down with mezcal, sipping-quality tequila and mezcal along with Mexican-inspired cocktails (such as the wondrous Violencia Roja, made from gin, lemon juice, jalapeño and rosemary syrup and creole bitters, created at Dublin’s 777 and also served at their sister restaurant, Dillingers in Ranelagh).

If you wanna get up to speed on where you can join this Mexican revolution around Dublin right now, click here to access my recent piece in Exclusive Magazine (pages 30–32: you can do a word search for ‘Mexican’ to bring you directly to it, or flick through and have a read of my food news and Brenda McCormick’s restaurant reviews while you’re at it).

BUT before you do so, there’s something you need to know. Really. Come back.

If you wanna access what is a decidedly underground strand of the current Mexican revolution, you need to be booking a seat for yourself at next Saturday’s Sett Food Club, where the boys behind the Supafast Building will be welcoming Theresa and Gustavo Hernandez of Mero Mero Mexican for what will be a very special night.

This pair have been cooking the real Mexican deal at their food stall in Temple Bar’s Saturday food market for pretty much as long as there has been a food market to cook at, and they also ran a great little cafe in Stoneybatter for a couple of years back in the late ’90s. Sadly it was about five or ten if not fifteen years before it’s time, but I’ll always remember it with great fondness. (I was working round the corner at Lilliput Press at the time, and their fantastic black bean soup saved me from many a Spar sandwich. Thank you for that T&G.)

Anyhoos, the Sett Food Club deal is: book yourself in by email, turn up at 8.30pm with your own booze and a suggested donation of €25 for the food, and expect a seriously sociable, convivial and most of all delicious evening ahead.

If you really want to get the party started you could pop into Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street on the way and pick up a bottle of top-drawer Tequila. Just saying.

So, to recap, for those who need it:

What? MERO MERO MEXICAN at the settfoodclub

When? NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT 21st April at 8.30pm

Where? In the Supafast Building, 6 Great Strand Street (opposite Pantibar just off Capel St)

How much? Suggested donation of €25 per person

How can I book? Email Theresa & Gus at, but be sure to flag ‘MEXsettfoodclub’ in the subject bar.

Maybe see you there?



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