A cheerful lunch for a bright day

It looks like Michael D will be Ireland’s next President, so I was feeling pretty cheerful as I rooted through my cupboards and fridge, deciding what to lunch on, listening to the consistent returns from across the country.

One big sweet potato became the base for a soup, peeled and roughly chopped, and added into a base (or mirepoix if you’re feeling fancy) of onion, garlic, fennel and carrot, all of which had been sweated down in a little Donegal Rapeseed Oil. In with the sweet potatoes went some stock (Marigold do a good unsalted veggie one), some bay leaves, sage leaves and thyme from the balcony (the latter being the only edible growing thing on said balcony which has survived my lack of tending).

While that was all cooking, I made up an equally cheerful salad. It went like this.

1. Combine:

  • a couple of slices of Oisin farmhouse goats/sheeps chevre, diced
  • a couple of slices of roasted red pepper, diced
  • half an Irish red apple, diced
  • a couple of handfuls of pumpkin seeds, toasted
  • a drizzle of good olive oil
  • salt and pepper

2. Eat with some toasted brown soda bread and a big bowl of bright orange soup, which I had blitzed after removing whatever herbage hadn’t dispersed and dusted with a little sweet pimenton powder that was winking at me from the shelf.

If you haven’t tried Oisin farmhouse cheese, their full range is available from Penny and Udo Lange’s stall at the Dublin Food Co-op in Newmarket Square, Dublin 2. And Christy’s stall has had lovely Irish apples lately too (harder to find than you’d expect).

A cheerful lunch for a bright Irish day – so much so that it spurred me to write a second posting of the day! Some days deserve celebrating.

p.s. I’ve gotten into the habit of roasting off some red peppers and keeping them in the fridge for such occasions. It’s been working out very well! They’re also great blitzed into a dressing, as I did recently under instructions at a friend’s dinner party. We drizzled it over a salad of cos lettuce (couldn’t find chicory), walnuts, grilled haloumi, avocado and orange slices. And very nice it was too.


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