Free dinner anyone?

What would you do for a free dinner? What if that was dinner for two, every month, for a full year? Would you sell your body? Well no, don’t be ridiculous.

But maybe you’d sell just a little bit of your body? What about if you just kind of loaned it out – as in you get to keep the bit of your body, but someone else gets to use it for a while? What if you don’t even have to meet the people who are using your bit of a body, but just have to commit certain acts with said bit of body, take photos of them, and allow these to be broadcast on the World Wide Web?

Okay, hang on, stay with me here. What if that monthly dinner was from a hot new opening by one of your favourite restaurateurs? And what if you got to choose which bit of your body you loan out images of? And even got to dictate the exact nature of the acts you commit upon those bits?

Keen to hitch a ride on the cash cow that social media marketing can represent for a fledgling restaurant, the canny folk behind Dillingers and Butcher’s Grill (both of Ranelagh, Dublin 6) are running a unique little competition to launch their new eatery, 777. Rumour has it that they’ll be serving up Mexican fare, though their PR agents are keeping schtum on details for the minute.

What they are telling us is how you and your loved ones could exploit bits of your bodies as a kind of down payment on future fuel for said bodies.

All you have to do is declare publicly that you LIKE the whole idea by following the new restaurant on Then download the restaurant’s logo, which is displayed as their profile picture, and adorn it on your body in some shape or form. Then take a photo of your now beautified body bit and email it to* in the hopes that the judges LOVE it the most, enough to feed you and yours for twelve months to come.

The rules say that you can “Get Creative, Funky and Cheeky, because that’s what we’ll be judging on! Paint it, Stencil it, Henna it; Anyway! Anywhere!” (Ooh, and the small print* notes  that by e-mailing your photo you agree that it may be used on social media.) Favourite painted bits will be uploaded weekly to the Tattoo You Gallery on their Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? Work that body goddamit! There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but maybe it’s time your body starts paying it’s own way?

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