Late copy

Right. It has come to my notice that it is almost a week since my last update on the month-long course at Dublin Cookery School, and that I have several days’ worth of reporting to catch up on.

Here’s the thing folks. If I thought that spending 9–5, Mon–Fri at cookery school and then coming home and blogging about it was all consuming, well that was before I threw a Restaurant Night with the rest of the students featuring a 7-course tasting menu for 35 people, and then went on the almighty razzletazzle with them the following night (an endurance-testing affair which included a stint in a nightclub in Blackrock – who knew?)

Something had to give, and I’m sorry to say it was the punctuality of delivery of my copy. Now normally a journalist just has one editor to send a grovelling apology to. This public grovelling is new to me. All I can say is I look forward to revisiting Dublin Cookery School very soon indeed via my notes from those last few days. I’ll let you know when I’m going there – you’d be welcome to come with me.

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