Why the world needs another food blog

So that was 2010. Or nearly. Four and a half hours to go and we’ll be setting off the fireworks to chase out the old and ring in the new. Thanks be to Jaysus, or at least that’s the general feel here in Ireland. Personally 2010 was a year of making changes: leaving my job of nearly five years in a food magazine, renting myself a cute little studio apartment I could feasibly do some freelance writing from, and making a list of all the things I’d like to do now that I don’t have a 9–5 stopping me from doing them. Here’s some of things that came out top of the list:

1. Find myself a forum to write about all the amazing artisan food producers here in Ireland without having to convince an editor to commission a feature from me everytime I come across something delicious.

2. Ditto, but relating to happy restaurant openings (The Butchers Grill) and sad restaurant closings (The Mermaid and Gruel) here in my home town of Dublin.

3. Make it a public accessible forum so that anyone doing anything interesting involving food in Ireland could let me know about it so that I can let others know about it.

Hmmm…. starting to sound very like a blog eh?

4. Indulge a long-nurtured whim and dedicate four full weeks to undertaking an intensive cookery course at Dublin Cookery School, where I’ll learn how to make proper bread from scratch, get to grips with classic sauces and stocks, get my head around gutting and filleting fish, learn my way around a chicken and how to bone different cuts of meat, and perfect professional presentation tricks, amongst 20 days-worth of other amazing nuggets of culinary knowledge. (You’d need to check out their own site to see the full profile of the course. Or keep reading!)

5. Share some of what I learn over these four food-filled weeks with anyone else who’s curious.

And so, here we are, on the cusp of 2011, and here it is: the first posting of my new blog. I plan to make lots of tweaks and changes between now and Monday 10th January which is Day One of my 20-day kitchen odyssey, but in the meantime, a toast to the new year:

May 2011 bring a fresh appetite for the change we all need to achieve a healthy, satisfying, stimulating, fun-filled and delicious life – and may that appetite be keen enough to remind us that every effort made is worth it, yet focussed enough that we pay due attention to the rigours of the recipe for our own success. Or to cut through the fat: Happy New Year for 2011!

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  • http://www.biabeag.com keith bohanna

    Welcome Aoife :-)
    Just doing a google search and came across holymackerel. Great to see it and had added you to my rss feeds. My blog (as with yours a recent addition to the scene in Ireland) is somewhat similar). Feeback welcome

    Come join the rest of us: http://www.irishfoodbloggers.com/members/ and also keep an eye open for the next foodcamp – http://www.foodcamp.ie will be live in a couple of weeks.


    • http://holymackerel.ie/ Aoife

      Hi Keith, thanks for saying hi. Love the idea of your blog – I’ll add it to my blogroll once I get that up and yes, was planning on joining the food bloggers site, think it’s a great initiative. See you there! Aoife

  • ally carr

    Hey Aoife, Ally Carr here. You brave food suffragette. Am so proud of you. You give me reason to eat!

    • http://holymackerel.ie/ Aoife

      You need a reason to eat?! Glad you likey my little rantings! Keep up the good suffragette work yourself girl!